Find the Ideal Learning Environment


Sprouts 1

Typical Age Range: 3 - 5 (K1 - K3)

Sprouts 1 students are just getting starting in the world of reading and writing. Student may not be fully confident with a pencil, so motor skills will also be drilled.  Phonics will be incorporated to reinforce reading skills, as will sight-reading skills and high-frequency word awareness.  Students will begin to compose their first pieces of writing towards the end of their Sprouts 1 education, too!

Learning Objectives:

  • Introduction to the role of phonics
  • Vocabulary development through speech and experience
  • Motor skills and handwriting development 
  • Considering the importance of speech, and it's uses
  • Basic reading activities and discussion

Sprouts 2

Typical Age Range: 4 - 7 (K3 - P1)

Sprouts 2 students will typically be reaching the end of their Kindergarten education or in the very early stages of primary school. At this age, they will just be entering the world of literacy and, having started learning the basics of reading and writing, can start to really put these skills to use in a meaningful way.

Learning Objectives:

  • Phonics mastery
  • Vocabulary development and high-frequency word training
  • Basic writing skills and handwriting development.  Introduction to writing styles
  • Speaking skills, pronunciation and spoken sentence construction.  Consideration of tone and manner
  • Introduction to reading comprehension activities

Buds 1

Typical Age Range: 6 -9 (P1 - P3/4)

Buds 1 students are usually mid-primary school level students. Students would be expected to have a comfortable foundation in reading and writing, and be ready to expand into new writing style and applications.

Learning Objectives:

  • Topic based vocabulary expansion
  • Writing format, presentation and organisation.
  • Introduction to the writing process.
  • Development of writing styles and applications (creative writing, letter writing, formal writing etc.)
  • Conversational and public speaking skills
  • Reading comprehension and appropriate response style and format

Buds 2

Typical Age Range: 8 - 11 (P3/4 - P6/F.1)

Buds 2 students are ready spread their wings and engage in advanced, meaningful writing projects.  At an age where interest in writing can begin to fade in some students, we aim to keep enthusiasm at its highest, and stress the importance of writing as an expressive medium.

Learning Objectives:

  • Topic based vocabulary expansion
  • Writing format, presentation and organisation  Appropriate production formats for writing
  • In depth development of a variety of writing styles and applications.  Different approaches to the writing process and methods to ensure success in all styles of writing 
  • Conversational and public speaking skills
  • Advanced reading comprehension and appropriate response style and format


Typical Age Range: Secondary +

Blossoms are typically students who have reached secondary education.  Private classes are recommended for this age range and the content of classes is tailored to each student.  More information is available on request!

In addition to the standard Sprouts English course, we offer a selection of specialist courses focusing on specific skills including: speech and presentation skills, English Through Drama and seasonal grammar workshops. For more information on additional courses at Sprouts, feel free to contact: