Current Schedule, Fees and other information

Class Fees

Group Classes

All sessions will be 1hr30min. Classes will hold 2 -4 students. Semi-private or closed class rates may vary.

Lesson by lesson payment
1.5hr Class: HKD380 p/session

1hr Class: HKD285 p/session

Please note that we recommend students to begin classes at the start of a new month and continue to at least the end of that month to get the most from the Sprouts Course!

Special Discount Package
Students can enjoy a 10% discount on purchase of a 12 lesson package for group lessons only:

1.5hr Class: HKD 4,100HKD (341 p/session).  

hr Class: HKD 3070HKD (255 p/session).

Private Classes

45 minute: HKD 370 p/session (recommended for young learners)

1 Hour: HKD475 p/session

Payment by cash or cheque only.  Payable to: SPROUTS EDUCATION LTD.

Absence/Make Up Policy

If you know that your child will not be able to attend a lesson, please inform us at least 24 hours in advance. No make-up class will be offered if ample noticed is not provided. Exceptions may be made for sudden and serious sickness, of course! :)

In order to be considerate to other classmates and teachers, and to avoid falling too far behind in the lessons, a maximum of one cancellation per month is allowed without the need to arrange a makeup class.

Makeup classes should be arranged for any further cancellations. Group classes may be transferred in part to private lessons (15minute private class for 1 hour group, or 30 minute private class for 1.5 hour group).

In the case of teacher absence due to sickness/holiday/emergency, we will arrange suitable substitution for the class.  If this is not possible, we will arrange a make up class where possible.

Peak Hours

We regret that we cannot guarantee private classes during the peak hours of 3 - 6pm on weekdays and all day Saturday.   Priority is given to group lessons during these periods.

Refund Policy

If no prior notice is provided, the class will be charged as if attended.

No refunds will be offered for lesson packages terminated prior to completion.

Weather Related Cancellation

In the case of black rainstorm warnings or typhoon signals 8 or above, all classes will be cancelled until further notice. Classes cancelled as a result of weather will not be charged and make-up classes will be scheduled where possible.